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Copies of Documents

All documents, liens, and marriage licenses are scanned and available in electronic format. Copies of recorded documents are $.25 per page (8 ½” X 11” or 14”). Recorded plats 11” X 17” are $5.00 per page and plats 24” X 36” are $10.00 per page. Additional charges apply for mailing or faxing copies of recorded documents. Certification of the copies may be obtained for $1.00 per document.

Internet Access to Recorded Documents

You can obtain access to documents online via our website.  This option is available if you create an account.  Create an account by clicking the logon button in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

There are several levels of access available:

  • $20/month provides you access to 100 documents per month.
  • $250/month provides you access to 1000 documents per month.
  • $500/month provides you access to an unlimited number of documents per month.
  • $1250/month provides you access to unlimited number of documents per month and/or FTP access.
  • For those who do not wish to subscribe to multiple docs, there is an option to purchase documents for $.25 per page.

Do You Need Help Searching?

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