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Skip the Trip

Tips for a shorter wait:

  • Please take your number prior to 4:00 p.m. to receive same day service.
  • Avoid our office and renew your registration out of the office: 
    1. Use the mail-in notice included in your renewal packet to mail your payment to PO Box 173876, Denver, CO 80217-3876.
    2. Visit the auto-renewal kiosk located in our lobby (cash accepted).
    3. Renew online at
  • Plan your visit for mid-week, earlier in the month or in the morning.
  • Use the lobby camera to get a sense of how busy we are, before you come in.
  • Don't wait and don't be late!

Persons with Disabilities

(Remember your ID information and witness signature on the form!)


  • Obtain your placard by emailing your completed application with physician certification to
  • Mail your completed application and/or renewal to PO Box 20,000-5008, Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001.
  • Drop your completed application and/or renewal by our office at 200 S. Spruce Street; we will process and mail it out.


Checklists for one quick trip: