Renewal Kiosk

Kiosk F.A.Q.

When can I renew at a kiosk?

  • You can renew your vehicle in the month beginning in the month prior to your expiration month until the last day of the month following the date of expiration (known as the grace period).

What types of license plates can be renewed at a kiosk?
  • You can use a kiosk to renew a personal automobile, pickup truck, motorcycle or coach and park model trailer. It will NOT renew a collector, commercial fleet, dealer, government or taxi/livery vehicle, tow truck, or any disabled veteran specialty license plates.

What if I need proof of emissions?
  • Please wait at least two (2) business days after getting an emissions test to renew at the kiosk as the kiosk cannot accept physical proof. This allows time for the machine to be updated electronically by testing facilities.

What if I need proof of auto insurance?
  • Please wait 2-4 days after updating your auto insurance to renew at the kiosk as the kiosk cannot accept physical proof. This allows time for your insurance to provide updated information to our statewide vehicle registration system.

Will I pay a fee to use the kiosk?
  • There is a $3 service fee for every vehicle renewed at the kiosk. This fees pays for the technology and is not assessed or retained by Mesa County. There also is a $0.50 convenience fee to pay via check or a 2.15% fee to pay via credit or debit card.

What is Colorado MVExpress?
  • Colorado MVExpress is a self-service kiosk that offers a fast and easy way to renew your vehicle registration. It is a blue and yellow machine with touch-screen technology that looks similar to an ATM machine.

Who can use the kiosk?
  • You must be a Mesa County resident and your vehicle must be registered in our county in order to use the kiosk.

How does the kiosk work?
  • Simply scan the barcode on your vehicle registration renewal postcard or use the touch-screen to type in your license plate number. Follow the instructions to review your vehicle record, and pay taxes and fees. The machine will print your receipt, registration and tabs on the spot. Just grab your documents and go!

How can I pay?
  • Check or credit or debit card are accepted. Only one method of payment is allowed per transaction.

Where is the kiosk located?
  • Mesa County has two convenient Renewal Kiosk locations:
    • Mesa County Central Services at 200 S Spruce Street
    • Orchard Mesa City Market at 2770 US-50 West
  • Most Kiosk renewals may be done cross county. Please visit the Colorado MV Express website for statewide Renewal Kiosk locations.

Can the kiosk do other transactions?
  • No, the kiosk will only process a renewal. It cannot issue replacement tabs or change the name or address on your motor vehicle registration. Please visit our office or click this link for information on these services.