Manufactured Homes

If you are selling your manufactured home, purging your title/converting to real property, wanting to re-establish title, removing it from it's permanent location or destroying your manufactured home or you will need specific forms.

Each transaction may have differences that are not addressed in the instructions on this page. If you need help, please contact us.

Are you ready to sell your manufactured home but keep your land?

  • Along with your title, you or the buyer will need to complete a Manufactured Home Transfer Declaration.
  • Would you like help filling out the back of the title? Please visit our office and one of our team members will provide assistance.
  • No title? If you need to re-establish title because your title has been purged or your land and home has been converted to real property, you will need to complete a Certificate of Removal. This process allows you to re-establish a title. 

Are you removing your manufactured home from the land and moving it somewhere else?

  • You will also need to complete a Certificate of Removal if you are keeping the manufactured home but removing it from the land where it was previously converted to real property/your title was purged. This process allows you to re-establish a title so you can move it to it's new location. Please keep in mind that you will also need a moving permit from the Treasurer's Office.

Are wanting to destroy your manufactured home?

  • Regardless of your manufactured home's "status" if you want to destroy it you must complete a Certificate of Destruction  

Are you ready to convert your home to real property?

Do you need to access forms listed on your checklist for establishing title by surety bond or in lieu of bond?

  • Click here to access the forms directly from the Department of Revenue's website.