Established Place of Business/Residency Requirements

Carrier must provide the following documents to prove that they have an established place of business or residency in Colorado.

Proof of Established Place of Business Requirements:
The established place of business must have (1) a physical structure located within Colorado, and (2) be open for business and staffed during regular business hours.
Acceptable documents are as follows:
1. A copy of your Colorado business license with the name and address that match the registrant.
2. A copy of a utility bill for physical structure with the name and address that match the registrant.
NOTE: A registrant that does not have an established place of business may designate Colorado as base jurisdiction following the established residency rules:
Proof of Residence in Colorado
To establish proof of residence in Colorado for your base jurisdiction, a registrant must provide a copy of at least three of the following documents:
All of the below listed acceptable documents must be in the registrants name, and at least one must indicate the registrants “Business Location” address as shown on the IRP application.
1.       Provide a copy of your Colorado Driver License;
2.       Proof of incorporation or registration to conduct business as a foreign corporation in Colorado;
3.       Proof that the corporation’s principal owner is a resident of Colorado (Colorado Driver License).
4.       Proof that registrant’s federal income tax returns have been filed from and address in Colorado.
5.       Proof that registrant has paid personal income taxes to Colorado;
6.       Proof that registrant has paid real estate or personal property taxes in Colorado;
7.       Proof that registrant receives/pays utility bills in Colorado;
8.       Proof that registrant has a vehicle titled in Colorado;
9.       Proof of other factors that clearly evidence the registrant’s legal residence is Colorado.
New registrants/carriers must meet these requirements to become and IRP member based in Colorado.