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Public Hearings

The Clerk to the Board attends, records and maintains the official records of the Board of County Commissioners' public meetings. The Clerk houses many historical records of the County, including the minutes of official proceedings, and assists the public in researching past board minutes, resolutions, contracts and other documents.

The County Clerk and Recorder serves statutorily as the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. Functions of the Clerk to the Board are set by the Colorado Constitution Article XIV, Section 8 and Colorado Revised Statues §30-10-319 C.R.S.

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Liquor Licenses

Colorado is a dual-licensing authority for the State's licensed retailers and special event permittees, meaning a license is required from both local and state governments. Approval at the local government level is required first to evaluate and issue liquor license applications. (Individual municipalities are the licensing authorities for their jurisdiction.)

The State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division mails liquor license renewal forms approximately 90 days before the license expires. The renewal form and the State and County fees must be submitted to Mesa County Clerk and Recorder at least 45 days prior to the expiration date of the liquor license.

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Board of Equalization

The mission of the BOE is to assure just and equalized property tax assessments.

The legislature requires that all property in the state of Colorado be revalued by County Assessors in every odd-numbered year. Actual value is determined after careful analysis of data derived from the marketplace. The BOE hears valuation appeals prior to levying taxes, after taxes are levied and paid and also considers exemptions.  Each process has statutory requirements and limitations.  

A taxpayer may choose to appeal the decision of the Assessor's Office to the BOE. In order to process appeals within the state's statutory time limits, the Board of County Commissioners appoints hearing officers to preside over hearings and make recommendations to the BOE.

This is the process to appeal the valuation of your property after the taxes have been levied and you did not file a Board of Equalization (BOE) appeal for that year.  

The form is filled out & submitted to the Assessor’s Office; hearings with a Hearing Officer are held every quarter. You will be notified in writing of the date & time of your hearing.

Please be sure you bring all relevant materials and information, including photographs, with you to the hearing, as well as copies for the Hearing Officer, the Assessor, and yourself.  All exhibits become part of the case.

If you have appealed your property valuation through the Assessor in May and again with the Board of Equalization in July and are still not satisfied with the resulting value or if you have filed for an Abatement (i.e., after the taxes have been levied) and you are still not satisfied with the resulting value the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) is one of 3 ways to continue the appeal process.

For necessary forms, rules & guidelines, the Board of Assessment Appeals can be reached by phone at (303) 864-7710, online at, or write to the BAA at: 1313 Sherman, Room 315, Denver, Colorado 80203.

All necessary forms must be submitted to the BAA and to the Board of Equalization Coordinator within 30 days of either hearing.

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