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How can I search for Recorded Documents?  

  • You may come into the Recording Department location and use the Public Access terminals to search our records for free.
  • You may conduct a search for records on our web site.  This allows you to view the Index (Grantor/Grantee) information for free.
  • You can access documents by:
    • Purchasing  a subscription
      • $20.00/month provides access to 100 documents per month
      • $250.00/month provides access to 1,000 documents per month 
      • $500.00/month provides access to unlimited documents per month
      • $1250.00/month provides access to unlimited documents and/or access to a secure FTP site 
    • Access documents and print them by paying $.25 per page.  
  • You may want to employ the services of an independent researcher.  Please contact us for a list of researchers.

Effective February 8, 2016, we will go "live" with a new software system that has a different web interface.  This system enables you to manage your own account.  

Warning - The web site does not work with the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). 


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