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Basic Requirements

You must have valid proof of age and identity

  • Apply in the Clerk & Recorder’s office 
  •  $30.00 license fee
  • The license is valid for 35 days from date of issuance 
  • The license is only valid for use within the State of Colorado 
  • For a proxy marriage, one of the parties must be a Colorado resident, a member of the armed forces or a government contractor in support of the armed forces of the United States stationed in another state or country to be able to designate a Proxy for the ceremony. 

  • Both Party One and Party Two must complete and sign the marriage application form 
  • At least one party must apply in person. If one party cannot appear in person, they must complete an absentee affidavit from our office with a notarized signature.  The appearing party must bring in the completed notarized absentee affidavit, along with a copy of the ID provided to the Notary. 

Age Requirements

  • No parental consent is required for 18 years or older 
  • Both parents, the parent having full decision making authority, guardian, or judicial approval is required if applicants are 16 or 17 years old 
  • If applicant is younger than 16 years old, consent of parents/guardian AND judicial approval (Court Order) are required

Blood Tests

  • Blood tests are not required for either party in the state of Colorado


  • A couple may not marry when one of the parties is still married (or in a civil union with) another person  
  • Divorces and Dissolutions must be final  
  • You must provide date and location of divorce or dissolution
  • Marriage between ancestor and descendant is prohibited whether half or whole blood. (Marriage between cousins is permitted)   

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