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Recording Department
Proof of Identity and Age  

Acceptable Identification

You must have valid proof of age and identity.  The following forms of ID and a photo ID are acceptable: 

  • Out-of-state issued photo driver license or photo identification card
  • Any Colorado driver license, Colorado 7-day Affidavit and Notice of Revocation or Affidavit and Notice of Suspension, or Colorado identification card expired less than 1 year
  • Certified birth certificate.  Birth certificates issued by the hospital are NOT acceptable.  A second form of ID will be required in addition to the birth certificate.
  • US Passport expired less than 10 years
  • Valid Foreign Passport
  • Valid US military ID
  • Original or certified copy of a DD214.  Any DD214 with the disclaimer "Not to be used for identification" is not acceptable
  • Tribal Identification Card
  • United States or United States Territory certified court order of adoption(must include date of birth)

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