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How can I search the Grantor - Grantee Index?  

  • You may come into the Recording Department location and use the Public Access terminals to search our records for free.
  • You may view the Grantor/Grantee Index on our Web Site, please access the Alpha Index link at the top of the page.  This allows you to view the index information. There are several options:
    • $20/month provides you access to 100 documents per month
    • $250/month provides you access to 1000 documents per month
    • $500/month provides you access to an unlimited number of documents per month 
    • $1250/month provides you access to unlimited number of documents per month and/or FTP access
    • For those who do not wish to subscribe, there is an option to purchase documents for $.25 per page.  
  • You may want to view the GrantorGrantee Year Range Guide to assist you in your year range search.
  • You may want to employ the services of an independent researcher.  

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