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When is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection/Verification  (DR 2698) needed?

The following situations will require a VIN Inspection/Verification:  

  • If the vehicle is titled in another state or country
  • If your vehicle has a registration from another state
  • A vehicle transferred on an out of state Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) 
  • Any vehicle transferred on Purged Bill of Sale
  • Anytime the vehicle description needs to be corrected
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Military Registration

Who can perform and complete the VIN Verification/Inspection? 

Additional Information:

  • If your registration and title are from different states, we will need verification that the vehicle was not titled in the state where the registration was issued. 
  • Each agency has a fee associated with performing the VIN inspection. 
  • If you need a Certified VIN Inspection/Verification you will need to contact the Colorado State Patrol at (970) 858-2250 to schedule the inspection. 

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