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Vin Inspections - Process  

There are two processes for Vehicle Identification Number Inspections/Verifications

  • Standard VIN Verification
  • Certified VIN Verification 

What is the process for a Standard VIN Verification/Inspection? 

  •  Take your vehicle to any one of the following locations:  
  • Provide the person who is performing the VIN Verification/Inspection the required information 
  • The authorized individual will complete the form.  Please be sure that the entire form is complete or marked "N/A" if the information is not available. 
    • All information (including any license plate information and the odometer reading) is required. 
    • If there is a mistake on the form, you must complete a new form.  We cannot accept the form with any errors or items crossed out or marked through. 
    • If the vehicle has two VIN numbers both must be included on the VIN verification.  If the previous state used the motor number for your title, Colorado will issue a title using the Public VIN.   
    • If the VIN number is missing, the inspector will need to write "Missing"  
  • Return the VIN Verification (along with any other forms listed on your rejection sheet) to the one of the Motor Vehicle Offices. 

Additional Information

  • If the vehicle is 10 years or older, the odometer is not required. The odometer box on the form could be marked "exempt".   
  • If there are not any license plates or temporary registrations on the vehicle, the license plate section should be marked "N/A" 
  • The VIN Verification/Inspection is only valid for 1 year.   

What is the process for a Certified VIN Inspection/Verification?

  • Contact the Colorado State Patrol to make an appointment
  • If the vehicle does not have a current registration, come to the Motor Vehicle Office the day before your inspection  
  • The Patrolman will complete a Certified VIN Verification form
  • Bring the completed Certified VIN Verification form to the Motor Vehicle Division along with any additional forms that were outlined on your rejection sheet. 
    • We will assist you in completing the titling and/or registration process   

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