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Special Mobile Machinery  

What is Special Mobile Machinery (SMM)?  
This equipment is commonly used in the construction business.  It may be self propelled, truck mounted equipment, trailer mounted equipment -it may have rubber wheels or tracks.  

 What is required for Registration of SMM?  

 Completed SMM Vehicle Information Worksheet. This form will aid the County Clerk in determining how the SMM will be registered. (Please note that Sales Tax will be collected prior to completing the SMM registration if it has not been previously collected.)

Is any SMM Exempt from Registration?

bullet.jpgEquipment that is less than 500 pounds
bullet.jpgEquipment that operates from a building's power source (i.e. tower crane) 
bullet.jpgEquipment that is listed wiht the County Assesor on your tax schedule and that does not leave your property. 
bullet.jpgMounted equipment that is power take off (or PTO driven)

How do I know if I need to register my equipment with the Motor Vehicle Division?
    If the equipment is pulled, hauled or driven down the public roadway, it must be registered in the county where your business is. 

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