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When is Sales Tax due?

Should there be a disagreement as to whether sales tax is due, the tax must be collected , a receipt must be given and the buyer may apply to the Department of Revenue for a refund. 
Tax is due when a sale or sale and purchase takes place.  This may be for exchange of property, services, or money.  To access the Department of Revenue's website for additional information on sales tax, please click here.  

Sales Tax Rates in Mesa County

  • Sales tax on a vehicle is based on the buyers address or address of business.  
    • State Sales Tax Rate is 2.9%
    • County Sales Tax Rate is 2%
    • City of Grand Junction Sales Tax Rate is 2.75%  
    • City of Fruita Sales Tax Rate 3%
    • Collbran, DeBeque, Palisde each have a Sales Tax Rate of 2%-this tax is only due when the buyer and seller both live in the same town.  
    • Do you need to know a tax rate for another city or town or county?

How is Sales Tax collected? 

  • If you purchase the vehicle from a Colorado dealer, that dealership must collect the Colorado sales tax.  If the dealer is located in Mesa County, that dealership must collect the Mesa County sales tax.  If the dealer is located within the City of Grand Junction, they must collect the City of Grand Junction sales tax.  If the dealership has a City of Grand Junction account number for collecting taxes, they may collect the Grand Junction sales tax. 
  • If you purchase the vehicle from an out of state dealer, typically, all sales tax is due at the time of titling.  In some cases, that dealership may have a State of Colorado and/or City of Grand Junction tax account number; they may collect the sales tax. 
  • All taxes must be paid when the vehicle is titled. 
    • If you paid sales tax in another state, please bring your proof of sales tax paid.  We will give you credit for the tax collected and collect any remaining tax. 
    • If the taxes were "over collected" in another state, we cannot offer a refund or credit for taxes paid in another state.   

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