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ID Requirements  

Secure and Verifiable Identification - (SVID)

In order to provide a title, registration or marriage license and to protect a person's private information, identification must be provided. What is Secure and Verifiable Identification (SVID)?

When is SVID required? 

  • Anytime you get a new title or new license plates.  
  • If you are helping a friend, neighbor or family member with their title or license plates, you may be required to provide your SVID and a Power of Attorney
  • If you have your own Power of Attorney document, you will need to supply additional information on a supplemental form.
  • Secure and Verifiable Identification (SVID) is required when a Power of Attorney is used.
  • The grantor (the person who is signing the Power of Attorney) and the grantee (the person who is being granted permission to perform the transaction) must provide Secure and Verifiable Identification.

Why is SVID required?  

In May of 2003 the Colorado Legislature passed a law that said if an identification card, license, permit, or official document is issued our office must see identification that is secure and verifiable. In response to this law, the Department of Revenue provided the SVID document referenced above.

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