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Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes
A mobile home is a home that was constructed prior to 1976.  A manufactured home is a home that was constructed after 1976.  The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements changed in 1976 which caused the change in the "name" of the homes.  For the sake of ease, we'll just refer to them as manufactured homes, regardless of the year they were constructed.

Do you have a mobile home or a manufactured home? There are laws related to all manufactured home processes.  We have a special division to help you.  

 If you have a manufactured home and need to sell it, move it, destroy it, convert it to real property, purge the title or unpurge the title, you need to start at the Main Motor Vehicle Office, located in the Mesa County Central Services Building.  Please call (970) 244-1664 or email us at and ask for help on a manufactured home. 

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