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Manufactured Homes - Process  

Which process are you trying to complete?
Attached are flow charts and/or checklists to help you determine the steps for your transaction. Please remember that we have a division specialized in assisting you with your manufactured home transaction.   Each transaction may have differences that are not addressed in the instructions on this page.  If you need help, please contact us

Are you renting the land your manufactured home is on (could be in a park or on private land)?

bullet.jpgIs your home brand new and you need to obtain a title? flowchart 

bullet.jpgAre you selling a used manufactured home that is on private land or in a park?  flowchart   

bullet.jpgAre you working to refinance or sell your manufactured home with an existing title?  flowchart 

bullet.jpgIs the manufactured home on the rented lot being destroyed? flowchart   checklist

Do you own the land and the home?

bullet.jpgWas your title purged/home converted to real property (based on the Assessor's records) prior to July 1, 2008 and you need to establish a permanent record?  flowchart     

bullet.jpgDid you convert your home to real property on or after July 1, 2008?  flowchart  

bullet.jpgIs the manufactured home being removed from the permanent foundation and moved? flowchart   checklist 

bullet.jpgIs the manufacted home that was considered real property being destroyed?  flowchart  checklist 

Is your home on land that qualifies as a long term lease (10 years or more)? 

bullet.jpgWas the home with the lease converted to real property on or after July 1, 2009?  flowchart  

bullet.jpgWas the home with a lease removed from it's permanent location with or without an eviction? flowchart  checklist 

Other processes you may need:
 bullet.jpgDo you need to apply for/establish a title by surety bond? 

 bullet.jpgDo you need to re-establish title on a manufactured home that is older than 25 years old?  

 bullet.jpgDo you have a titled manufactured home that you need to move? 

 bullet.jpgHave you been notified by a government office that you need to destroy your manufactured home?  

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