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Welcome to the Motor Vehicle Department  


Welcome! How can we help you?
The Motor Vehicle Division titles and registers vehicles and assists with recording motor vehicle liens. 

Do you need help buying or selling a vehicle? 

Motor Vehicle records are protected by the Federal Driver Protection Privacy Act (DPPA).  All record searches must go through the Department of Revenue.

Do you need information/help with a manufactured home transaction? 

Do you need to know the sales tax rate?

Do you need an estimate on the plates for the vehicle you just brought home?Bill of Sale No Notary

Do you want to
renew your plates online?

Do you want additional information on registering and/or titling Special Mobile Machinery (SMM)?

Would you like information on registering your boat, ATV or snowmobile?

Quick Tips on avoiding long wait times or multiple trips:   
bullet.jpgVisit our office early in the day and early in the month. Check our chart to avoid the busiest times of the day (NOTE: Lunch is not necessarily a good time to visit the office-the lunch time reduction you see is a result of less clerks being available to assist with traffic).
bullet.jpgAre you listed as the owner?  If not you may need a Power of Attorney.
bullet.jpgBe sure you have Secure and Verifiable Identification.
bullet.jpgBring your proof of insurance.
bullet.jpgMake sure you have a bill of sale with your title if the purchase price was not noted on the title.  

Other Questions please visit our office or email us at  

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