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Pursuant to C.R.S. 30-1-103 and 24‐72‐205 the Clerk’s office may charge for preparation and copies of requested document(s).

Acceptance method: CORA requests are accepted by the Clerk’s office via fax or hard copy. E‐mailed CORA requests often enter junk mail boxes because they can come from unrecognized addresses. Or an employee may not have access to e‐mail within the 72 hour deadline to respond. It is in the requestor’s best interest to deliver it in a method or in more than one method so that any deputy clerk could pick it up, notify necessary personnel and begin the process.

Delivery method: Documents are provided in paper or pdf format only. Documents provided under CORA are not provided in an editable format.  If a requester is not present within the county and inspection of the paper documents in person is burdensome, the clerk may mail, fax, ftp or e‐mail the documents.

Fee: If the request requires over 1 hour of time to prepare, the requestor will be charged $30 per hour thereafter. The hourly fee of $30 for the second hour and beyond will be charged in addition to the appropriate per copy or electronic image cost.

Deposit may be required: If we receive a request the office may estimate the hours to review and assemble the documents and require a deposit. With a deposit, county resources are not spent prior to reimbursement on preparing for a document review that may not occur.

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