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Courthouse with Red Flowers This is the process to appeal the valuation of your property after the taxes have been levied and you did not file a Board of Equalization (BOE) appeal for that year.  

The form is filled out & submitted to the Assessor’s Office; hearings with a Hearing Officer are held every quarter. You will be notified in writing of the date & time of your hearing.

Please be sure you bring all relevant materials and information, including photographs, with you to the hearing, as well as copies for the Hearing Officer, the Assessor, and yourself.  All exhibits become part of the case.   

The Hearing Officer will make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. After the Board of County Commissioners review the recommendation, you will receive a letter from the BOE Coordinator as to whether the abatement was approved, partially approved, or denied. If the Abatement is partially approved or denied, the letter will instruct you how to further appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals.

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