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Check and Bad Debt Policy  

 Mesa County Clerk and Recorder's

Check and Bad Debt Policy


In an effort to be fiscally responsible and prevent additional and/or future debt collection and/or insufficient fund notifications we have instituted the policy below.


We endeavor to provide our customers with the most efficient means of customer service within the four divisions (Clerk to the Board, Elections, Motor Vehicle and Recording) of the Clerk and Recorder's Office. We allow customers an opportunity to provide payment by means of certified funds, cash, money order, check, debit or credit card. 


When an individual/owner/entity writes a check that is returned and is sent to a collection agency or has been sent to a collection agency as a result of failure to pay on account, we will require certified funds from that individual/owner/entity for all future transactions.  This limitation shall be in place for five (5) years from the date of payment. During this period of time, renewal notices (for Motor Vehicle) will not be printed as a result of the record's "cash only hold". 


If a customer has maintained a good standing (all debts are paid in full, there are not any past due accounts and there has not been additional collection efforts required) for five (5) years from the date of payment, we will allow the customer to offer payment by means of certified funds, cash, money order, check, debit or credit card. If any further collection efforts are required from this individual/owner/entity, future payments will be required to be made by cash or certified funds for an indefinite period.




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